Allendale Strong is a group of citizens, working together to renew our community Relationally, Economically, and Environmentally

SWEPCO Park, catalyst for continued Allendale Neighborhood Renewal.


AllendaleStrong empowers our community of willing citizens, and shares our knowledge and experiences with other neighborhoods, enabling each to grow to potential wholeness.

The guest on this Strong Towms podcast, Joe Minnicozzi, president of Urban 3, has been conducting a profit/loss study of Shreveport this year and will present his findings here soon. Watch this discussion of results from a southern town he recently studied. #AllendaleStrong

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“Bias Writ Large” in the Property Tax Assessment System

There are some obvious anomalies that are being overlooked in the property tax assessment system. Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 pulls back the curtain in...

Monday = Memeday: why are we still building roads and highways that we can’t afford to keep up? If it ain’t built to last, stop building new and fix the old. #fixthebad #AllendaleStrong