Allendale Strong is a group of citizens, working together to renew our community Relationally, Economically, and Environmentally

SWEPCO Park, catalyst for continued Allendale Neighborhood Renewal.


AllendaleStrong empowers our community of willing citizens, and shares our knowledge and experiences with other neighborhoods, enabling each to grow to potential wholeness.

At our forum Saturday, Tarver, Tom Arceneaux and Julius Romano were supportive of building I-49 through our homes. LeVette Fuller was very vocal against that old Twentieth Century thinking and positive about our business boulevard idea as way to build wealth into Allendale.

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Tarver promotes I-49 Inner City Connector at Shreveport mayoral forum; Fuller doubts MPC - NewsBreak

At a Shreveport mayoral forum in the Allendale community Saturday that questioned candidates on the city’s infrastructure, disenfranchised...