Allendale is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Shreveport, and home to a rich history stretching back over a century.

Neighborhood residents recall fond memories of a thriving, economically active Allendale during the 60s and 70s. Decline in the 80s and 90s has been followed with a period of rejuvenation and investment in the last 15 years.

AllendaleStrong is a learning-doing group of citizens, working together to renew our community Relationally, Economically, and Environmentally.

AllendaleStrong engages in activities to transform community as a whole system whose parts are aligned by prioritizing caring relationships connected across all lines of difference. AllendaleStrong embraces Community Renewal International model and its village framework to define the elemental parts, or sectors, of the whole system of community: safety, education, meaningful work, health, housing, culture of caring, leadership, and relational foundation.

AllendaleStrong empowers our community of willing citizens, and shares our knowledge and experiences with other neighborhoods, enabling each to grow to potential wholeness.

The future of Shreveport is emerging from AllendaleStrong… we envision an aligned citywide network of citizen learning-doing groups growing relational capacities to engage our complex challenges as shared opportunities to move our whole system of community toward equity and increase in values of common good.

We Need Legal Help Defending Our Neighborhood

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